Hello! 👋🏻 I’m Brice, a CS / Art student at Yale and UX designer. Previously at Amazon and GlowTouch. Currently at Here.

LinkedIn / brice.bai@yale.edu


12-Week Internship

An internship with Amazon Web Services under AWS Support. Redesigned the entire web console of cloud optimization B2B SaaS Tool AWS Trusted Advisor aiming to address current needs and pain points for 90,000+ customers.

Tools    Sketch, Invision
Skills    UX, User Research, Prototyping, Usability Testing


1-Week Personal Project

A mobile app prototype focused on long-term sleep improvement. Inspired by a cognitive science course I took called “The Mystery of Sleep”.

Tools    Figma
Skills    UI/UX, Mobile App Design, User Research


10-Week Internship (Part-Time)

An internship with GlowTouch. Redesigned the homepage of SaaS product HiveDesk, aiming to direct user flow and increase CTR from homepage to free trial download page.

Tools    Figma
Skills    UI/UX, Conversion Optimization


2-Day Design Jam

6th place team out of 145 teams for US-college-wide Adobe + Nickelodeon Creative Jam where my partner and I designed a tablet app for kids to learn about how to stay safe and connected in quarantine through the process of creating their own virtual garden.

Tools    Adobe XD
Skills    UI/UX, Tablet App Design, Rapid Prototyping


6-Month Personal Project

A skincare venture originally designed as a 3-step product line that pivoted into a social platform dedicated to help users navigate the confusing skincare landscape while creating connections among skincare enthusiasts.

Tools    Figma
Skills    Project Management, Skincare Product Development, UI/UX, Mobile App Design, User Research


4.5-Year Personal Project

A free, fantasy visual novel indie game. Made with an international online team that I led and found off a DeviantArt forum.

Roles    Founder, Project Manager, Writer
Skills    Project Management, Game Design, Creative Writing, Cross-functional Teamwork

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