Hello! I’m Brice, a CS / Art student at Yale.
Aspiring to create impactful, human-centered experiences and designs for digital products.

LinkedIn / brice.bai@yale.edu


Summer 2019

A UI redesign for the homepage of SaaS product HiveDesk, aiming to direct user flow and increase CTR from homepage to free trial download page.

Tools    Figma, Photoshop
Skills    UI, Conversion Optimization


Dec 2018 - May 2019

A skincare venture originally designed as a 3-step product line that pivoted into a social platform dedicated to help users navigate the confusing skincare landscape while creating connections among skincare enthusiasts.

Tools    Figma
Skills    Project Management, Skincare Product Development, UI/UX, Mobile App Prototyping, User Research


Dec 2019

A mobile app prototype focused on long-term sleep improvement. Inspired by a cognitive science course I took called “The Mystery of Sleep”.

Tools    Figma
Skills    UI/UX, Mobile App Prototyping, User Research


Jan 2014 - June 2018

A free, fantasy visual novel indie game. Made with an international online team that I led and found off a DeviantArt forum.

Roles    Founder, Project Manager, Writer, Social Media Manager
Skills    Project Management, Creative Writing, Cross-functional Teamwork, UX

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