Hello! 👋🏻 I’m Brice, a UX designer at Amazon and Yale CS / Art grad. Let's talk about design and how we can collaborate.

LinkedIn / bricebai23@gmail.com


Concrete Wheelchair Interface in VR

My 2022 Yale senior thesis project exploring how people of varying mobility experience an environment in VR and its real-world applications. Created Unity VR environment with wheelchair as concrete navigation interface and designed 3D modular unit design system following American Disability Act (ADA) code.

Tools    Unity, Shapr3D, Meta Quest 2
Skills    Design system, Accessibility, 3D modeling


2020 Product Design Internship

A year-long part-time product design internship for YC-backed video calling startup, here.fm. Designed numerous features to help facilitate greater human intimacy, collaboration, and connection across a shared canvas web platform.

Coming soon.

Tools    Figma, Framer
Skills    UX/UI Design, Research, Prototyping


2020 UX Design Internship

A 12-week summer UX design internship with Amazon Web Services under AWS Support. Redesigned the entire web console of cloud optimization B2B SaaS Tool AWS Trusted Advisor aiming to address current needs and pain points for 90,000+ customers.

Tools    Sketch, Invision
Skills    UX Design, Research, Usability Testing

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